Vibe App

UX/UI Design

2017 - 2018

Vibe is an application that gives the user musical events tailored to his preferences. In addition to providing information about live concerts, the application allows you to quickly purchase a ticket and store it inside the application. This project is just an concept and also my personal approach to design an application following the UX startegy rules .

There are couple apps that are doing pretty much the same: serving content about musical events. Some of them are difficult to setup and you can't really buy ticket inside the app. Another problem is that it's easy to forgot where did you save that ticket that you bought three months ago. The range of gathering information about events sometimes is limited to the main cities only. But everyone who searchs for the music events know that music events can be found everywhere.

Thanks to geo-tagging, you can easily find an interesting music event that fits user musical taste. So whenever something interesting is going to happen in the range defined by user, he will know about it. The range set once by user is active even when he is traveling serving him content updated to the new circumstances.

To come up with the best design solutions. I’ve prepared a survey and it appears that nearly half of reviewed users declare that they are buying tickets long before the event date which often causes the loss of the ticket in the stream of the emails. Vibe Payment&storage system could prevent that. Payment does not need the involvement of ticket offices, what makes transactions fast and easy.